Nepal...  A name filled with images of mythic gods reigning over the highest mountains of the world. From the colorful and intricate Hindu religion to the a usterity of the Buddhist monasteries; from the hectic yet friendly city of Kathmandu to the peace and solitude found in the remote areas...Nepal has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are a thrill seeking adventure lover or in search of serenity, our land has the power - through unique experience - to unveil feelings that will remain with you long after your visit.

After you have seen this site, take some time off to close your eyes and dream. Dream of a world where phone and faxes wont ring anymore; a place where bills and solicitors wont reach you; a country where a TV is not needed to view incredible sights; an environment in which silence will replace the stressful noises you might be used to. Visit Nepal and its neighbour countries of the Himalayas, and let us put you in touch with the elements.