Domestic Flight in Nepal


In Nepal Domestic flight network includes some of the most remote and spectacular airstrips in the world. Many are on mountain sides surrounded by high peaks. Therefore, flight in the mountain region if there are clouds or high winds, the pilot cannot land. Flight in nepal’s mountain area there are chances of  delayed or canceled due to bad weather or technical problem.  However since huge number of tourism increase and regulation of the domestic airline business there are number of private companies operating flights whose provide better service. Domestic Airlines companies connect different destinations such as Pokhara, Bhairawa, Biratnager, Nepaljung in the soft sector and Lukla, Jomsom, Phaplu, Taplejung etc. for mountain region. Here below we have submit an information of various flight destination flying with various airlines.

NB: When leaving on an outgoing flight, passengers are advised to arrive well ahead of the listed departure time — at least one hour. The airlines can usually find others eager to fill seats of late arrivers. Before entering the pre-boarding area, checked luggage is inspected by hand. The next line is for checking carry-on baggage and a brief body pat-down search. All lighters, matches and loose batteries are confiscated during this baggage check. If carrying a headlamp, passengers are advised to keep the battery inside and pack any spares in checked luggage.