Sikkim/Darjeeling Treks

Trekking in Sikkim is a fabulous experience as it leads from lush tropical forests to the lap of the Himalayas. The trek offers verdant forests, yak-herders summer settlement on high meadows, rhododendron-covered hillsides, high passes, jagged peaks, and a magnificent mountain view. Feel the weariness of the day''''s trek slip away as you fall asleep under the Sikkimese night sky.

Make a little detour en-route chancing a butterfly, or you may chance upon shy Musk Deer on one of your treks, or wave out to the exotic Red Panda perched among the treetops. One of the unique features of the Sikkim''''s Himalayas is the splendour of numerous mountain Lakes, flowers in riot of colours beyond 10000 ft- a feast to the eye of the trekker. Tranquility all the way!

Trekking Team Nepal specializes this particular types of package treks where your every needs are taken care of from lodging, fooding, transport and guide. We also cater to your tailor made itineraries. Please just let us know your time frame and interest.

Green Lake Trek

Days: 20 Grade:

The trek to Green Lakes, the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga on the Zemu glacier is beautiful trekking trails. Green Lakes doesn't mean there is a lake, but one will see unbelievable stretch of green frozen glacier.

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Tholung - Kyeshong Trek

Days: 10 Grade:

Tholung - Kyeshong Trek , the land only of Lepcha tribe; Government of Sikkim has reserved the Dzongu area for Lepchas. This is a heavily forested region bordered in the north by the peaks of the Kanchenjunga range.

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Goechala Trek

Days: 13 Grade:

Goechala Trek is Sikkim's most popular trek to the foot of Mt. Kangchenjunga the 3rd highest peak in the world. Trek from Yoksum to Goechela pass at 5000m.

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Glhabha Tarum Hotspring Trek at North Sikkim

Days: 10 Grade:

Glhabha Tarum Hotspring Trek in north Sikkim holds lots of restrictions due to the rich concentration of Herbs and medicinal valued plants. Most of the Northern Sikkim portions are fall under RAP or PAP and National parks.

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Darjeeling Sandakphu-Phalutt Falls Trek

Days: 9 Grade:

Sandakphu-Phalutt Falls trek (Darjeeling Hills) in the National parks and is one of the popular trekking trails in DGHC (Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council) the best season being late march to end may and then early Sept-December.

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Dzongri Trek

Days: 11 Grade:

Dzongri trek, for those with little time and less inclination to undergo the rigours of hard mountain trekking, a trek up to the meadows will offer the benefits of having experienced a truly spectacular alpine trek.

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